Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Guess What?

I am currently just a little over 14 weeks & our little one is due September 28th. We are so thrilled and grateful for the support & love of our family and friends.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Grandpa Hermansen

Jared’s grandfather, Grant Hermansen, passed away last Saturday. He was 96 years old.. What a life! :) My memories of him are different from the rest of the family, who knew him to be an active, hard-working, funny, faithful, detailed man. The whole time I’ve known grandpa Hermansen, he’s been living in a care facility suffering from Alzheimers. Even so, I’ve been able to see the traits the family so cherishes in their grandpa. Jared and I often joked about the time that we walked in to visit him and he asked, in the sweet way he always did, “Who are you?” Jared would explain who he was and then, not recognizing me at all, Grandpa asked, “Who the hell are you?!” We couldn’t help but laugh. :)

I could tell from the beginning what a sweet man he was and I often thought to myself how much I am looking forward to someday having the opportunity to really get to know him. Last year, for his 95th birthday party, the entire family gathered together to sing “Happy Birthday”. Grant was singing along and when the part came to sing, “Happy Birthday Dear Grandpa” he was shocked. He pointed to himself and started to cry, overwhelmed with the love that was surrounding him. It was a beautiful moment.

I am so grateful for the experiences I’ve been able to have this past weekend. To attend Grant’s funeral and to be able to hear all of the stories about what a wonderful man and example he really was. I am grateful for the legacy he has left.

We took grandpa’s journals home with us and I’ve had the pleasure of reading about his life. He faithfully wrote every day, until his sweet wife died in 2005. He wrote details like.. what he had for breakfast, what time he woke up, and what book he was reading. He always seemed to be reading something that would help him progress spiritually. Reading through all of his journals, I’ve had my testimony strengthened concerning keeping personal records. He did it faithfully, probably because he knew someday; someone would want to learn more about him. So, here's to my new goal.

Dear Grant, enjoy yourself. I know you are.


Grant Hermansen returned home to our Heavenly Father on March 23, 2013. He was born in a log cabin on a snowy day to James Marinus and Minnie Hermansen in Widtsoe, Utah. After losing his father at an early age, he moved to Salt Lake City where he met his wife Ora Clara Justensen. They were married in the Salt Lake Temple on June 10, 1939 and enjoyed 66 years of marriage. With great love for his country, he served in the Navy 143rd Battalion Seabee's during World War II in Okinawa. Grant and Ora raised their family of 8 children in Bountiful, Utah. Grant built homes in the Bountiful area for over 30 years and served as District Commander in the American Legion. He served in many bishoprics as well as numerous other callings. Grant was the last surviving member of his family of 12 children. He leaves behind a great legacy of love and devotion. Preceded in death by his wife Ora and daughter Maryanne. He is survived by children Judy (Elliott) Smith, Susan (Eldon) Thomas, Karen (Bill) MacLennan, Steve (Lisa) Hermansen, David (Audrey) Hermansen, John (Lisa) Hermansen, Kris (Jeff) Tobler, Anthony (Angie) Martinez, 27 grandchildren, and 16 great grandchildren.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hello world. Hello November.

Well, Hello.

My my, it's been a while.
Instead of blog post after blog post of catching up, here's a quick recap of my life. March - October.


Those happy faces smiling back at you are my friends and family. I am blessed. 2012 has been pretty good to me, despite some of not so good stuff she's brought. That comes with every year though, doesn't it? With only two months left of 2012, I'm glad to see the holidays upon us and to greet 2013 with open arms. My theme for November? Simplicity. (Have a declared simplicity before? Oops.) Quite opposite from October, my November calender is quite empty. It's wonderful. November, hats off to you. Happy you're here.

Cami, I officially dedicate this blog post to you. I'm back. (I think..)

Monday, March 5, 2012

3rd Anniversary Weekend

Anniversary Weekend Happy List:

-yummy crepes and having the day off
-going to Park City and shopping on Main Street
-delcious pasta for dinner
-outdoor swimming pool and hot tub
-going swimming before we left the hotel in the morning
-going to the Canyons
-finding the perfect painting for our kitchen!
-redecorating our house
-dinner at Ihop and a movie, both for free! (I love gift cards..)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Heart of Gold

I've always hated Neil Young so, you can understand that my sudden obsession with this song is an odd one. But, there you have it. Can't get enough of this song lately.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Today is my 24th birthday.
I'm home from work, sick with the worst flu that I've ever had.


Grateful for a husband who takes such good care of me, rubs my back as I throw up into a garbage, and makes me laugh when I want to cry. Grateful to be able to spend the morning on the couch, watching a movie with Jared until he left for work.

Grateful for neighbors and friends offering to help. Grateful for birthday messages on Facebook that truly brighten my day. Grateful for phone calls, emails, and texts.

Grateful for the last four years I've had with my Aunt Deanne. Not a January 31st goes by without me celebrating her. She had a heart attack four years ago today and left the world for a short time and then came back to it. So grateful she did.

Deanne, Happy 4 years. They wouldn't have been the same without you here.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reaping & Sowing

"Fear not to do good, my sons, for whatsoever ye sow, that shall ye also reap; therefore, if ye sow good ye shall also reap good for your reward." "Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not."
                                                                                                        -Doctorine and Covenants 6: 33 & 36

This is our theme for 2012. We can feel it, this new year will not disspoint. Sure, we know there will be trials and we have alot of growing to do this year. In fact, we feel the need to improve every dang aspect of our lives. That is why we have chosen this specific theme. We're ready for the hard work. 2012 will be a year of growth and I can't wait.